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Dear Incoming Exchange Students! REGISTRATION!

Dear Incoming Exchange Students! REGISTRATION!

I’m an administrator of incoming exchange students in the Faculty of Management and Social Communication and I have a few useful information for all the students who will take courses in our Faculty.

We start our registration with:

1 cycle - starts on Thursday, February 08th, at 11:00am, ends February 18th  till 23:59 (11:59 pm). – this round is dedicated for students who are assigned to our Faculty (other students won’t be able to add themselves to the groups) 

You will be able to deregister yourself from all our courses by yourself (using the same link and clicking icon with red arrow and the basket). This possibility will last until last days of February. After that date, you will have to contact me to leave the group, because the registration (and deregistration) will be closed. 

Before you start registering yourselves, check all the schedules, check all courses and their ECTS accommodation, make a list of courses you want to join (prepare some plan B if there will be no places for you in some courses) and pay attention if you are choosing the right group.

Remember to link all your courses! (Instruction is on the main page of USOSweb system). 



Best regards,